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Friends, pls help me

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Faizal Sherif
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hi friends...

after i revised a program, got the few activities in the end as critical.

how can i remove/increase the float, so that to make it non critical.




mukunda y
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Dear Faizal...

Please aware of open ended activities.




Khaja Sharief
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Hi Faizal,

    Firstly see that the critical patch which primavera is showing is the realistic. Fundamentally critical path consists of all activities which has zero or negative float. One way you can bring critical to non critical activities (Not all) is to change the activity relationships. If all the activities you have are FS relationship and by any chance these logi could be differed to SS you can get some float  and there by making non critical. Also check if there is any lead/lag time you have used and by changing this also you can see the effect. 



Miklos Hajdu
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This is definietly not enough for us, to give you a help.

In general we can say that there should be a critical path from the start to the end. (This can change if you have defferent calendars, limited resources, constraints, etc)

The critical path is called critical because the activities on this path define the project duration. So the existance of critical activities is a must (apart from some exceptions) and it doesn"t mean that there is a catastrophe, because you hace critical activities.

Anyway if you want to get rid from your critical activities, set a milestone beyond to your project end. If your deadline allows you can do it.

But as it was told software is a tool, you have to use it with care, and not for hocus-pocus.



mukunda y
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Dear Faizal....

Software is only sofware. It does not understand our thinking. It gives the critical path depends in the linking, ....Pleae compare your links to your earlier programme, ....Please understand software is just a tool....we need to feed it properly to get the desired result.



Mike Testro
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Hi Faizal

Why should you need to fiddle the programme to distort the critical path?

If the logic has been applied correctly then the critical activities should remain as they are.

Why is it only the last few activities that are critical?

Best regards

Mike Testro