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Everybody would be aware that PMP has saperate certification called " Project Management Professional-Scheduling Professional (PMP-SP)". I suppose it’s worth pursuing the certification so that one can become a globally recognized Scheduling Profession. In these concern I would be extremely thankful, if someone could put up their experiences who had already taken up this examination. Special thanks for responding the following points
. Reference Books/Material to be followed.
. A brief idea about the examination pattern.
. Any reading material could be mailed to

Thanks in advance.


Patrick Weaver
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This is the subject of my paper Should you certify your schedulers? for the Construction CPM conference next January.  For a pre-view see: http://www.mosaicprojects.com.au/Resources_Papers_149.html      In my view:

The AACEi PSP is primarily aimed at forensic scheduling experts with 8 years experience.

The PMI-SP is primarily aimed at planning managers with 5 years experience.

New certifications from Planning Planet and CIOB are focused on career development for planners and schedulers.

Patrick Weaver
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The PMI-SP exam specification covers a very wide range of topics, it is really focused on the manager of scheduling (eg, a PMO Manager).  You do need the books described, you also need a good appreciation of schedule calculations (by hand); you also need to have covered off risk, cost, EV, communication, Scope, WBS and a range of other subjects.


To see more on what’s required go to:

http://www.mosaicprojects.com.au/Planning.html and


Duy Pham
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Dear Khaja,


Congratulations. I am considering to take this PMI-SP exam too. Could you please share with me on some points:

1. Have you got any benefits from obtaining the PMI-SP certificate? Does it put you on a higher level of career?

2. How PMI-SP compare to PSP from AACE? which one do you think it is better?

3 How difficult to pass the exam? how long do you need to prepare? and how many years of experience do you think it is good enough to pass the exam?

4. Anything esle that you would like to share with us


Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much in advance.

Duy Pham


Ariel Malibiran
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Hi Mr. K. Sharaief,

Congratulations for passing the PMI-SP. Truly having the PMI-SP certification elevates your profession. I suppose that you have used a lot of review materials. Could you share some to me at ah_malibiran@yahoo.com, I believe you were onced ask our fellow planners for the same. I appreciate any information,tips,ebooks you can share.





Dear Planners,

   Thanks for the replies. Happy to inform you all that I have passed PMI-SP exam in Feb'11. It's good experience

Raviraj Bhedase
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Check this:


Contact Details:


Cheers and all the best and share ur experience with us after clearing the exam
Dear Mr. Raviraj Bhedase,

Thanks for the reply and information. Indeed, it’s really surprising to hear this. I wish to contact the persons mentioned just to know and feel the exam pattern. If possible please forward the Mail Id’s so that we can put greater light on the subject.

Thanks & Regards,
Raviraj Bhedase
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For Sharief,

Even after so many years of start of PSP, there is only one guy (I believe his name is ondiappan or something liek taht and he cleared that in august last year) who has cleared PSP in asia pacific region. Quite interesting......

Dear Sharief,

The books are PMI publications that are available at their web site.

I have not taken the exam yet. Unfortunately I can not give you more detailed information in this area.

Best Regards,

R. Catalan
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You’ll find the books thru this link http://www.pmi.org/Marketplace/Pages/default.aspx?Category=Scheduling

R. Catalan
Dear Mr. Samer Zawaydeh,

Thank you very much for the information. Somehow I will try to hook up the books. If possible let me know the author or Publication so that I would be easy to trace out. By the way, Have you appeared for the examination ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Dear Sharief,

You will find the following helpful on your quest.

" The Practice Standard for Scheduling"
"PMI-Scheduling Professional Examination Specitions."