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Excel spread sheet to read XER files

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Ron Beechey
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Looking for excel spread sheets or the likes to read xer files and produce curves and any other helpful information.   I have one "01-XER-READER" which I found very good but wondered if there was a actual curve that could be added.  There may be also an update which I have not been able to find.   Always good to not reinvent the wheel if someone has already worked on something.


Joel Roberts
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Hi Ron.

You can use ScheduleReader to read XER, XML or XLS files.

You can see S-Curves, Histograms, compare baselines, trace predecessors and succesors, filter, group, sort through data and even create reports from the data inside the schedule.

A free 15-day trial of the application can be downloaded through the website mentioned above.

Zoltan Palffy
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yes project tracker can do that 

David Kelly
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Easy. Use Project Tracker.  Reads the database, lets you take baselines, makes "s" curves with the data range table underneath.

bryc ali
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How we can read the data base directly to produce S curve ?

David Kelly
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Project Tracker does everything for a couple of hundred pounds. Even reads the database directly so you can produce real "S" curves without creating a second data source.