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Open Plan and MSP Comparison

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Shea Walls
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We are considering migrating our current schedule from MSP to OPP.  I've been tasked with putting together a "trade study" of sorts to determine the pros and cons of each and make a decision.

We are considering this because our schedule is shared with our customer and they use OPP (as in the same file shared, not just sent to them).  We continually have issues with the import/export process.

Anyone have insight on the comparison of the two after working in both?  I'm sure someplace on this forum it's been discussed but wanted to get some fresh inputs.



Ron Beechey
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I have worked in both and Open Plan is an impressive tool to work with.   You can easily import the MSP projects into Open Plan.   What I liked about it was the open data base that allows for combining of fields without being a rocket scientist.  You have the ability to have more than one user updating a schedule and its much easier to combine the projects for a program view of the projects.   First with units of measure so you could have seconds or minutes or hours or months.  Skill resource scheduling.   Codes for everything.