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MS Project Code Libraries

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Dominic Planner
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Hi All, 


I have a progrmme in Asta that I have assigned a number of activities in my code library to. A colleague prefers to use MS Project because he doesn't have a license for Asta. I have saved this programme as a MS Project file but none of the code librarires have transferred over to MS Project. 

Does MS Project have the capabilities to assign tasks code from the code library?

This is extremely useful for assigning contractors to activities and would like to know of there's an alternative workaround. 




Ben Taunt
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Hi Dominic,

I'm pleased to say, we have only improved the data interchange with MS Project in recent releases.  The process, including the limitations that have need to be imposed when stepping into the alternative environment, is fully documented in the Powerproject help files.

When you chose to save to MS Project formats, you should be presented with an export wizard that presents you with options on what to include in your export.  One of these options relates to Code Libraries.  If you are not getting this wizard, you may have previously ticked "Do Not Show Me Again" on the dialog.  You can reset these suppressions under File>Options>General.

As Alexandre says, if you need further assistance then please contact your local Powerproject support team.

Best wishes,

Ben @ Powerproject