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Year long tasks to capture Actuals

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Gerry Morgan
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I need to set up a schedule say with 100 tasks and 10 resources the tasks will last for a whole year (fiscal), I would like the start and finish dates to remain constatnt for all tasks within the schedule, also I do not know which team members will be working on any of the tasks up front, they may all do some work on each task sometime within the year time frame, but being in the enterprise environment I want all tasks to show up on all time sheets to enable any team member to log time against any task.

The way I am thinking to set the tasks up would be.
Fixed Duration
Non Effort driven
As Late As Possible constraint
Add all team members to all tasks at zero Units.

I realize the resource allocation will not be very useful as all team members will show as available when I know they are really not, but can any of you think of anything else that I may have missed, or a better way to set it up?
It is basically only for capturing actual time worked, but would still like to see the Gantt chart reflect time logged.
Thanks GM


Shaheen Syed
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Hi GM,

Your approach seems OK. Only that you have to monitor on a daily basis to reflect who does actual work on the day.

Gerry Morgan
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Hi Alex

You are right, unfortunately I have to work in an enterprise environment where a conventional schedule is required and also the one I have described in the post, as both are tied into other costing programs, both types of schedules feed into other programs therefore it is important they both are produced in Microsoft Project, also some resources could be in the conventional schedule and the same resource also in this time capturing schedule. If there is no easy solution the one I specified will work, I just thought with all the experience within this forum some of you may have run into this situation before.
Appreciate the reply, GM
Alex Wong
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You look like descriping an accounting Journal instead of a plan.

If you only want to capture the $ spend without any task, you can do it in a Excel spreadsheet.

Planning involes communication, talk to the people who do their works, what they plan to do in a year, how long does it take on each task, what is the sequence between the works. What are the key milestons.....

Without the basic info you cannot build a project plan.