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Phase Value roll-up

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Rafael Davila
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Why in order to get the correct phase values roll-up, when Phase value is the sum of activity values, I must click F8 after formula execution? I was expecting for the value be computed automatically whenever a value is changed no matter if manual or by a formula.

Is there a way to make Cost & Material to calculate automatically after a Scheduling run?


By the way I consider rolled-up % duration not of much value even if calculated using weights, a simple mathematical computation easy to set-up in Spider Project, but as I can see from other postings some people are hooked on these percentages. At home we follow individual activities float, volume of work, remaining duration and projected finish dates. Maybe at some point I will be asked to report on these percentages and want to make sure they roll-up as per my requirements.


Rafael Davila
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Joined: 1 Mar 2004
Posts: 5010


Yes pressing F8 as well as recording a script are easy. My point is that in order to get the correct roll-ups Spider Help does not warns of the need to press F8, you have to figure it out yourself. Please check on this as I have no problem at all as it is now except with the omission on Spider Help as this I use frequently, especially for tasks I do not perform often. I am thinking of new users as well as in the case in the far future I get involved with the setting of the roll-up again and forget about this little detail.

Still you can give it a second thought as all my jobs rarely exceed 600 activities and the auto F8 function would be convenient, but always as an option, if the schedule is a big one then the manual option would be better.

About using % complete for data entry, forget it, my experience is that when available this reduce precision of computed actual values, and the linking and unlinking of % creates even more confusion.

Spider monitoring keeps all numbers balanced as it does not truncate values. With a few tricks to add activities to the monitoring worksheet it is easy to keep true and precise progress of activities that were interrupted several times within a single update period. This is necessary to track and report on your CPM true progress and interruptions in a future you might need to call as to prove disruption. Here if you do not show disruption in your schedule updates you might waive your right to an otherwise valid claim.

Please never change the way Spider monitors performance, every single monitoring record is available to audit.

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it was done on purpose.

Cost and material requirements calculation in large projects may take time (especially with many cost components and multiple WBS). This time usually exceeds the time necessary for project scheduling.

People usually do a lot of what if calcyulations to adjust project schedule. Most times they do not need cost estimates at this stage. When the schedule become satisfactory it is time to estimate project budget and do further adjustments.

That is why instead of calculating everything each time we suggested separate options - calculate schedule, calculate costs and materials, calculate peak resource quantities, calculate material schedule. This way the user saves time doing only what is necessary.

It is easy to create a script with calculating everything on one click. This script can be selected as Favorite and run by clicking on Execute Favorite Script button.

Best Regards,