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Difference between Pertmaster & Primavera Risk Analysis

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John Kelly
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As the subject suggests i'm keen to find out if there is any difference in use/functionality etc between Pertmaster and Primavera Risk Analysis.  I have used Pertmaster briefly in the past on P3 programmes but i may need to use Primavera risk Analysis which is within P6 (under the Tools menu) in the near future, are there any differences in these??


Thanks in advance for any help.


Tekin Guvercin
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Hi, Primavera Risk Analyst is new brand name of Pertmaster. There is no difference in both product. Tekin
Dennis Hanks
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Unless you already have Primavera Risk Analysis installed and properly linked, you will not access it (OPRA) under the "Tools" link.  OPRA is an expensive stand-alone program that works with P3, P6 and MSP.  The Tools link can be a handy step saver, but you may loose some contraints and LOE activity definition that will be there as .xer import.  There was another 'bug', but I do not recall it right now.  

As to your original question, Pertmaster became Primavera Risk Analysis after Oracle bought Primavera.  The current version is 8.7.3, I believe.