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SureTrack/Excel: how do I retrieve data from ST

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James Cross
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I am trying to create a macro that copies data from a Suretrak file and pastes it into an Excel spreadsheet - the aim being that everytime the Suretrack file is updated I can run the macro from Excel to automatically copy and paste the new data from Suretrack into Excel (thus updating the Excel data)
However the macro is taking the data from the clipboard - and so when Suretrak data is updated it still copies and pastes the old data in clipboard. How do I get around this - Ive gotten as far as looking into Microsoft Query and ODBC drivers - am I on the right track?


Brennan Westworth
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A feature in suretrak that I have found to be quite handy for extracting information is the pivot table wizard.

It is not an automated process but is quite mechanical and easy to run once you have set up the spreadsheet to process the information.

Steven Oliver
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Surely, once you have updated your SureTrak data, you must copy that to the clipboard and paste, thus renewing the clipboard data.

This is difficult to do in a macro (I did once manage to use the Softbridge scripts for this type of thing, but it was jolly hard work !)

I would suggest doing a manual copy and paste, dont let the machines do everything otherwise someday someone may write a macro to do away with the planner (or am I just being paranoid ?)
James Cross
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Yes I have tried to copy and paste the data from Suretrak to Excel and that is where the problem lies - When I copy the data from Suretrak it holds it in the clipboard, and then pastes it into Excel upon request. So when I update the data in Suretrak and run the macro to update the Excel data it takes the old data from the clipboard (not the new data in Suretrak) and pastes it into Excel, which is why I need to somehow override the clipboard.
P3 Scheduler
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Cant you just "copy and paste" ? I remember I have done that from P3 to Excel.

However make sure that the necessary columns in SureTrak appear visible (i.e their column width > 0). Then just select all the rows for all activities and copy. Then immediate switch to Excel and paste.

Best regards,
CS Ong