Plank Elements (crane handled)

 Rates given in hours/plank.

  Plank Lengths ne 3m 3-6m ex 6m
Unload/stack at ground level   0.016 0.019 0.022
Unload/stack upper levels   0.021 0.024 0.028
Sling from ground to levels   0.019 0.021 0.025
Place in position from stack   0.120 0.150 0.180
  Block Elements   Rates given in hours/thousand blocks.                                                        


    Block Thickness 75-125mm 125-200mm ex 200mm
Unload pallets/stack on ground By forklift   0.90 1.02 1.20
By Crane   1.20 1.26 1.38
Unload pallets/stack at upper levels By forklift   1.50  1.62  1.80
By Crane   2.34 2.40  2.70
Sling from ground to levels By forklift   1.44  1.56  1.74
By Crane   1.56  1.62  1.80
Place in position from stacks     12.00 13.80 15.00

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