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Filter FS Relation

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Arun Vasanth
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Dear all

I am facing a problem with a 5000 activity Program. The Contractor gave the relations with FF, SS & FS.I observed that some of the activities don't have Finish to start relations only FF relations. Please help me filter all the activities which don't have Finish to start relations.





Santosh Bhat
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Successor/Predecessor details in the activity view columns was only introduced in Release 16 (or maybe 15, but certainly not earlier)

I am not sure about 6.2 since in 2006 I am still using P3, we moved to P6 if I am not mistaken later only...So I only have much memory of 8.x which we used alot, then recently moved to 16 (never tried 15.x as well) so not so sure the feature of 6.2 :-(, I know P6 has 18.x at the moment, but we stick to 16.2 since it works fine.

I think P6 8.2 has it as well, since I been using this filter for quite long time.

Zoltan Palffy
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Zita that does not work not in 6.2 or fo you had a FS ansd a FF

Santosh Bhat
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Yes brilliant, that works. Having Successor Details in the Activity data was a feature introduced in Release 16 or 17 from memory?


If you are using P6, I think it is a simple making a filter Successor Details DOES NOT CONTAIN FS, will give you an overview of the overall program without FS relationship.



Rafael Davila
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I use software different to P6 that gives me the Predecessor Details column; I can create a filter for activities not containing FS within this field.  I hope the idea can give you a clue on how to do it using your software.

I understand newer/some versions of P6 provide for this, give it a try if you use P6.

The following link might help you figure out how to filter for dangling logic if using P6 Predecessor Details and/or Successor Details fields. 

The sofware I use allow for additional link types we call double links, this can make the filter more complicated.  Fortunately the software provides pre-defined filters for dangling logic so I have no need to create the filters.

Good Luck


Santosh Bhat
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Assuming you are using P6 (as you've posted into the general forum, not the Primavera forum), there are two methods

1) One is to export to xls Activity Relationships, ensuring yo u export the relationship type column, then using a spreadsheet tool like Excel to filter on all FF relationships - this will give you a list of the predecessor activities that have FF links from them.

2) In the activity view, add the column "Successor Details" to your view, and then search through this for all FF links. You can also copy and paste this view out of P6 into excel to make it a little easier.