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Planning, Claims & Contracting

Dear All,

I want to Know how many of days i need to claim the owner from the Schedule.

I checked the document dates from Qc/Dc.

Then I filterd the Activities Which delayed more than 14 days as contracts conditions

1. then i supposed  to add these duration to every relative items, or as a lag in the relations between activities (the question here what the right way of previous two?)

2. if i found three issues delayed one activity (what is the right in that case     1> collecting duration for the three and add for the concerned activity     or      2< checking the over lap between the three and add just the over lap duration between the three issues.

example :          event (A)  Delayed the activity   5 days from 1-jan-2013   to 6-jan-2013

                       event ( B) Delayed the Activity   6 days from 2-jan-2013   to 8-jan - 2013

                       Event (C)  Delayed the Activity 5 days from   4-jan-2013    to 9-jan 2013 

If i collection all my right durations it will give the right to add  (5+6+5) = 16 days     the first way

If i take just the over lap between the three events it will give the right to add just the duration between 1- jan 2013 to 9 jan 2013    = 8 days        the 2nd way      

what is the right way of two

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