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Women in Planning & Scheduling (WiPS)

Women in Planning & Scheduling (WiPS) 

Welcome to the Women in Planning and Scheduling Group. This group is dedicated to promoting, elevating and supporting the role of female members of the planning community to the industry globally.


Although we are equal in capability to our male counterparts, we do still face unique challenges as women to climbing the corporate ladder and creating opportunities in an industry with a traditionally male workforce. 

This group is for all those women out there who are interested in sharing their experiences and knowledge to encourage and promote women within the industry.

The aim is to network with female Planning & Scheduling professionals around the world to

discuss different experiences and to compare and contrast our roles and the issues we face as women in this industry.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Promote WiPS Define\Discuss\Resolve Issues specific to women


  • Create Mentoring Opportunities
  • Encourage Young Professionals
  • Increase % Women Working in Planning & Scheduling Role
  • Organise Events
  • Find out about women in different countries 
  • Create Opportunities 
  • Dealing with Sexism 
  • Maternity Leave and your career
  • Work Life Balance
  • Create Female Champions
  • Increase % Women in high level management\ number female directors

Please do join the group in order to get involved with some, or all, of the above.

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