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How to have multiple fixed unit prices per resource

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Oli Kallenborn
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Hey all,

On my project we have over a hundred different sub contractors and we are importing schedules from each one of them into P6

I am trying to standardise the resource codes that we use, this means that the resource needs to be very flexible in the unit rates as almost all the contractors have different rates.

I am trying to get the schedules quanity driven, thus using the cost units linked on the resource.

From what I can see I can only assign a limited number of Unit rates.

Any help would be appreciated.



Niek Zonneveld
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In the assignment view you can set the rate source to override, and then change the price per unit for each assignment. Just bring in the columns "rate source" and "price/unit", and you’ll see what I mean.

In that way, you are no longer dependent on the five rates you have for both roles and resources.

Hope this helps,