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How useful is Primavera in any industry?

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nick prinz
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I am Mech engg graduate and I am about to major in Industrial Engineering . My course would commence in a few months.

There is an institute near my house which offers a course in Primavera and MS Project. I am thinking of doing this in the interim.

1.Are these softwares easy to learn and use or is specific training required?

2.How useful is Primavera in any industry?Is it used widely in the manufacturing industry ?





How primavera is useful for IT Industry.

Should IT Professional learn Primavera. Is it useful for them??



ravi teja
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Hai pranab sir,

              I have pursed B.E civil engineering and at present im undergoing training in various courses in which one i had is primavera.How good is primavera for civil engineers and further i got admission for MSc civil engineering in one of the top university in italy. will i get any benefit from the courses especially in abroad.

softwares im learning are AUTOcad,building estimating and costing,REVIT architecture,Primavera,ppm concepts.

                                       Thank you


nick prinz
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Thanks for the reply,Pranab

I think its better to do the course since I will be familiar with some application before entering the industry.

Actually the people I have spoken to have told me that they use MS Project more than any other software
Pranab Kumar Deb
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Hello Dear ,
I will advise you to go for self study of the programs before commencing the training ( specifically to start with : have a study of the planning , project controlling , and project management processes ) , so u have an idea about what to ask to your instructors when they take your classes.
1. Pretty easy to start learning but after 4.5 years of implementing it on various construction projects am still learning. Today only one of a Professional QS told me what were my mistakes done in september 2005 though at that time it seemed perfectly well to the full team and management so the learning will continue , but starting to learn iks never tough.
2.Primavera is a company like P&G having multiple Project management softwares as product same as COLGATE IS TO P& G , Project management softwares ARE useful in all industry , we use P3>PRIMAVERA , it gives us the scope to forecast , study previous results so as to forecast better for the future , and at the end if some thing goes wrong take the responsibility of all the wings ( departments ) cumulatively so that it can be termed as a PLANNING AND PROJECT CONTROL FAILURE.
As for application in manufacturing industry , only some body in manufacturing INDUSTRY can answer, but i hope there should be sufficient scope of application.