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Transfering P3 Files from 1 Computer to Another Help

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amit amit
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How do I transfer my P3 Files on my laptop to my computer?
Is it Possible?

Every time I copy the folder with all the P3 files on my
laptop to my Computer hard disk P3 Root Folder in c drive, I always get a message saying "Target Project Not Found" when opening the file I just transferred.
Where do I find the actual Path of the P3 file which needs to be opened? Such as when you open a word file you open the extension saying .doc. What is the extension I need to copy to the hard drive so the file can open?



ruben quintal
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heres one of the way that works for me,
Go to File,Open,select the Project you want to open, then click the properties tab below, look for targets and uncheck all loaded targets, click ok. you can now open the project.

Santhosh kumar Na...
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if you copy the entire folder it will not ask you for target file i think u r copying or back up only the current file with ot target. better u back up all relevant fileas in a separate folder and copy that folder to ur PC or CD!!!!
amit amit
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Thanks for your help everyone. I have now managed to transfer the files to my hard disk.
Rodel Marasigan
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Hi amit,

P3 files are found as default c:\P3WIN\PROJECTS. All your P3 programme consist of 23 files or library with all starting of 4 character of your P3 project with the extension of (.P3) like (.doc) on Word documents. You can copy or moves this file into different folder or drives if you wished by simple coping or moving to another location. Another way of doing it is to use P3 utilities under your P3 menu. Select Tools-> Project Utilities-> Back-up and use Restore in another computer. You can also use check-in/check-out but you need to check-out first before you can check-in.

Pranab Kumar Deb
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Dear Sir,
I think u dont have P3 Loaded in your PC , thats why ur pc is unable to recognize the Project .
If P3 is loaded in your PC then u can put your project in all location in the hard drive and it need not be only in the primavera project root directory = (C:\P3WIN\PROJECTS) , U have to copy all the files related to the project better i will tell you two ways of doing this
 Open P3
 Go to Tools >Project Utilities> Copy : In the from part select the Project u want to copy
In To part select location ( Preferably Pen Drive F: ) where u want to copy it , name the 4 Character name in project group (and not project name), click copy and the project is copied.
 Remove the pendrive and put in your PC , copy back to any folder in you pc .
 Open p3 in your PC , then CTrl +o , and select the project from the location where u saved in pc

2. Do the same with Tools >Project Utilities> back up and restore function there

Andrew Dick
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I would imagine that P3 has an Export/Import function or check out/check in. and that you would need a version of the software on your PC.??

That’s how P3e orks - haven’t used P3, but I would think it would work simmilarly.