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MS-Project - Transfer Baseline from one File to another

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Harald Freise
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I need to compare the project at its actual status with its baseline from September 2007. The old baseline is within a backuped file of the project. I wish to import this baseline into the project with the actual status.
How can I do this in MS-Project (Version Standard 2003)
Thanks a lot in advance


Evgeny Z.
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This is old topic, but I am posting here because I finally allocated time and developed a tool to transfer baseline from one Microsoft Project file to another. It is assumed, that both files represent different versions of the same project schedule.

The limitation of the tool, is that it works on MS Project 2003 and does not work on 2007 and 2010. Reason being is that is uses MS Project feature to save and read project schedule into MS Access format. The feature to save file in MS Access format has been discontinued starting from MS Project 2007.

Tool has detailed manual (help file) with it.


It can be downloaded here free of charge:



ronaldo celestino
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you have to save the baseline, though literally you can copy & paste the data from the baseline fields (MSP file1)to baseline fields (MSP file2), it will not work even if you make the calculation automatic. The best thing you can do are:
1. make sure both files have the same list of activities/tasks
2. save the interim baseline first for all selected activities in MSP file2 to save the start & finish dates.
3. copy the baseline data from MSP file1 to MSP file2, under fields start, finish, work & cost
4. select all the activities concerned in MSP file2 and save the baseline for selected tasks/activities, be aware for the baseline no. that you are considering.
5. in MSP file2, copy the interim baseline start1/finish1 to the fields start & finish.