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Moving Tasks from one Summary to another

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Rajesh K
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I have a requirement to move some completed tasks from the existing summary task to another new summary task. I am able to do copy-paste. But baseline hours at the new summary task does not show the correct hours. At the new summary task, I would like to get sum of baseline hours for all the individual tasks under it. If I set baseline, it shows incorrect values. Please help me in doing this.

eg: there are 5 tasks under Summary Task - Old and baseline hours is 100. Suppose I have moved 2 tasks having combined baseline hours 30 to "Summary Task - New". As per my requirement, Summary Task - Old should show baseline hours as 70 and Summary Task - New as 30.


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Michael Slawinski
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Summary Baseline costs and work are copied from cost and work fields when baseline is set. They are not calculated from their detail tasks. that is why the summary baseline costs and work will not recalculate when moving / adding/ deleting tasks from it.