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Adjusting remaining early start date in P6

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Sridevi Ramdas
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Dear Sir,

I am in a very tragic situation with the schedule tracking with regards to the remaining early start date. In my schedule the remaining start for certain activity shows equal to data date. But as per the pratical situation at site, the actvity will not be done on this date.

  • Activity - footing concrete % complete (duration) is 88%, remaining start is 1st June 12 (datadate) and remaining duration is 2 days.
  • Actually at site we need another 15 days to complete the activity, it should show an end date of 17th june,
  • if I change the remaining duration, the % complete changes.
  • Is there anyway I can keep the end date as 17th june without altering the % complete, please help.

Thnaks in advance



Hello Kitaki,


How you found solution with your problem?



Hello Kitaki,


How you found solution with your problem?



Ketaki Alurkar
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I am doing an update for which one activity needs to finish on May 2nd and its saying remain finish cannot be earlier than remain start. Remain start is May 17 and I manually tried to change it but it's going back to May 17. What to do. Please help need it right away.

Gary Whitehead
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Change the % complete type to physical. Then when you ammend the remaining duration, the % complete will not be adjusted.

Best practise is to use physical % complete by default for all activities, and only to use duration % complete when there is a direct relationship between % complete and remaining duration (which is rare).