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Professional Planning Engineers Opinion Required

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AB Timo
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Dear All,

I need Expert Opinion from those who have been working as Planning Engineers,Planning Managers.

I am Quite Young and have only 2 years of experience in Planning in Primavera P6.Today I received an Email from the Owner of the Company , that he wants me to work as head of planning department.I do't know what they have seen in me but he Have praised my work and ideas.Now the problem is that he wants me to present him with a report with suggestions and new ideas that how to improve the planning department performance,new formates for daily and monthly reports etc.

If any one of you could help me in giving, or sharing some ideas that could help me in preparing a good and effective presentation.

By the way I am Working on Railway Projects In a Construction Company.


Best Regards



Patrick Weaver
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A few suggestions:

1.  Totally ignore the tool you are using – it has no relevance to management

2.  Investigate what your planning stakeholders actually need to improve project outcomes. From that point design your scheduling processes to support the project teams and help them make money for the company!

3.  Then talk to the executives and find out what insights they need to understand the status of the projects and identify issues early so they can contribute to a cost-effective solution. Then design reports or a dash-board that fulfills these needs.

4.  As you progress through this engagement with your stakeholders if your current tool is not up to the job either manage within its limitations of recommend a change.

You may find this paper helpful:

There are more resources at

Puja Dey Sarkar
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I have been in planning for 4 years as assistant planner for a big company,straight out of uni doing civil eng, i didnt know if planning was right choice for me as in uni they hardly taught anything to do with planning and more concentrate on engineering subject.

your case is very good oppertunity and not many planner gets to run their own planning team till they are old and experienced, im 26yrs and always been told planning needs lots of experience but i dont know think thats always true. keep a open mind, be aware of all the last tech in planning, get info from net regarding most of the topics such as EVM, risk, change, claim manegement etc as a planning manager you may have to train other planners.

congrats and wish you all the best.


Syed Abrar
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Hi Faiz,


  This is the Best oppurtunity u got so don't miss it.

Since ur telling its a Railway project (linear) use S-curves ( Quantity, Manpower & Equipment also progress) to monitor but make sure u have planned properly.If u have well defined Budget producing Earned value will be easy & meaning full.

There are many books on EVM but i have one which i feel is the best, that i can provide if u need it, but first Base line is very important.

As one of plannet member told experience with expouser makes U the way for ur info one my colleages used TILOS for Metro rail project, and its presentation is awesome in one A4 sheet u will get all the details. 

Best regards,


Syed Abrar

Dieter Wambach
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Congratulations. Obviously your boss is convinced that you'll be able to fulfil the requirements of a team's head. So you did a good work - a good basis. Your boss knows, that you can't be perfect; he may support you.

Maybe you already realized some items which are a pain for management and planners. Show improvements with a schedule for their implementation. Perhaps there is a chance to standardize some reporting.  

No chance to solve any issue immediately, present a realistic schedule.

Use this forum if you'll have any questions on special items or you'll be not sure for some solutions.

Good luck!


Ashb .
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Hi Faiz Rasul

Congratulations , from my 3 years of experience what i learned is experience matters but exposure makes man perfect

Justin James
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Dear mukunda,  i am one of the Planning Planet member in doha.I need one favor , when ur free that time .pl send me one resource loaded schedule (ur current or previous projects) to study the things if u have any productivity sheet in xl also will be a great help to mail is    RegardsJustin
mukunda y
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Faizal Congratulations....

Maany times it does not matter how long we work,,,,matters on how we work,,, still there are many companys who does not properly understand/ implement planning, project management its a good chance to u to build ur carrer,,,,there are good topis here do take help from here,,, so u can build ur carrer in the right direction..

Mike Testro
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Hi Faiz


The sort of thing that you should be investigatiing are topics such a S-Curves - EVA - Early Warnings.

You can search the forum for these topics and get a lot of advice.

Best regards

Mike Testro