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Opinions regarding the display of long lead items on a programme

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Edward McCabe
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Is it better practice to summarise long lead items in one summary bar at the top or bottom of the chart, separated from the construction activities or amongst the construction activities?

In my experience, putting the lead ins as line items immediately above the installation activity seems to throw some colleagaues as they misinterpret the procurement durations as being part of the on site durations for say the fit out of a particular unit; while others fail to pick up the long lead items at all if they are separated on the programme page.


Santosh Bhat
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Most Programmes are sperated into high level grops of such as Design, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning etc.

The long lead items sould exist in the Procurement area with lower levels of grouping typically by the procurement work package type, but potentially also by the discipline or location, or responsibile manager etc.

Zoltan Palffy
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If you assign them to their own wbs it should not matter. At the top should always be milestones because they are the most important thnig.