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The Guild of Project Controls Launch Presentation

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Dear Members,

Well, the long wait appears to be over.

We have been asked by the Guild Team to share their Guild Launch Presentation with you all. This presentation (link below) explains the work that they have done to date, how we can start along the road to recognition with the Guild, what has been done and also, what is yet to be done.

We, at Planning Planet, are impressed with the progress this team and its sponsoring employers have made to date and very much look forward to continuing to support the Guild until it can find its own independent home. Planning Planet is doing its best to put in place the infrastructure for all of the community who wish to join the Guild and we are making giant strides. As many are aware, this is a major undertaking. We are though, well underway and are pleased to be able to say "Be Proud of your Planning & your Project Controls"

Our best regards to you all on this auspicious occasion; together we can surely now change our profession for the better.

The Planning Planet Team

(PS If anyone has any problems in opening it, please email


Terry Gamble
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thank you for the presentation link!

it was 11/11/11 , it had to be a big success ;)

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Very good!!..  I assume this is similar to a certification credential of a PROJECT CONTROL PROFESSIONAL (PCP)... hope it's more than that.

By the way,  is there any one who can give me a tip how to close, the experience section on our profile? I just dont know how. Please help.

Mr. Pio

Mahmoud Amin
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Best of Luck 

Wishing you all sucssfull improvments

Kolawole Ebunlomo
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Best set of humans are however the kinds and likes that would remain unsatisfied with seemingly best conditions.

The only way to go is forward.

Pace up folks as there is always room for improvement.



Jayan Chacko
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Looking forward to Join. 

All the best! Great work!

Ashb .
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  • Start Milestone for all planners, schedulers and project controllers 




Shady Ateem
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 I’m really impressed of such an outstanding job …

Keep going. Very much looking forward for phase two and making the grade.

All the best

Steve Paterson
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good content - looking forward to making the grade...

Nain Aguado Quintero
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Nice, excellent work of team steering.


Jesus Aniano Jr
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Nice one,hope more to come...



Dr. Paul D Giammalvo
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I too am very impressed!!  Nice work, folks!!!


Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jamie Welch
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Well done folks!