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The Guild of Project Controls Phase 2 Launch Presentation

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Dear Members,

We have been asked by the Guild Team to share their Phase 2 Guild Launch Presentation with you all.

This presentation (link below) explains the work that they have done to date, how we can continue along the road to recognition with the Guild, what has been done and also, what is yet to be done.

We, at Planning Planet, remain impressed with the progress this team and its sponsoring employers have made to date and very much look forward to continuing to support the Guild until it can find its own independent home.  

The Planning Planet Team

(PS If anyone has any questions, or indeed problems in opening it, please email


Dear All,

A call to their team advises that they have 3,000+ emails to work though so that is why some people are having to wait for a long time to get a reply.

I am also asked to report that if anyone has anything to offer, or indeed wishes to become involved in some way, I suggest sending an email to our Founder; as I know he has regular meetings with them all and can maybe fast-track any queries or offers for help etc.



Mohammad A
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Hi There,

Is registration of membership is closed? I have sent two mails requesting for the membership of Guild but no response yet.

Please let me know the process changed.



Mike Testro
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Hi Admin

It would seem that in spite of my many offers to contribute to this process my specialist input has not been sought.

These are:

1.  Delay Analysis

2.  MEP Planning

I look forward to reading the final result - you could end up with the camel outside the tent.

Best regards

Mike Testro