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Early Remaining Units showing on Data Date...why ?

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Irfan Khan
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hi to all experts,


i have a query to ask about the Remaining Early Units because right now i have prepared my recovery schedule & my Data Date is 12 Sep 2014, furthermore my 1st day of Week is Friday. 

The Problem that my Remaining Early Units shows on 12 Sep 2014 rather than showing by 19 Sep 2014 which is my next week plan as you can see in the attaached snapshot, eventhough i have checked my calenders, constraints & non of the activity have negative float.

any help in this regard will be highly appreciated




Zoltan Palffy
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if all of the predcessors to this activity have been complted then the earliest that this resouce can being is on the data date. Therfore what is shown is the correct under the usage spreadsheet option

Shahul .
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Shahul .
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Hi Irfan,

In CPM network, data date is the starting point for scheduling the activities and its associated units (Resources)

Therefore, your snapshot is correct and clearly shows there are scheduled activities planned to start on 12 Sep 2014.



Shahul Badhusha

Kannan CP
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hi irfan,

data date of 12th sept means the progress up to 11th sept is recorded and the remaining units will start or distributed from 12th sept itself.