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P6 Early finish date is stucking in the project data date

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emre odabas
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I am not able to change the early finis date for a finished activity even if the completion date is seen correct in activity details tab and in actual finish date. I am changing the date but whenever scheduling the project data date comes back. I tried to change all the variables (activity types, constraints, removed relations etc.) but I couldn't succeed. The following image is summarizing my problem:

I am a rookie for primavera and if anyone has any idea about it I will be glad

Thank you


Shareef Abdul Azeez
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Hi emre


Use Start & Finish Date fields instead of Early Start & Early Finish.

Early & Late Dates are dynamic

Normally activities to left of the Data Date are updated but in ur case ur DD is behind the actual finish date.

Download the document---Understanding P6 Dates from the website below to get a better understanding on the date fields in P6





Sethupathy Subram...
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After assigning an actual date for an activity you cannot change the early dates for that activity. 

P6 assigns the data date for the early start/early finish of any acitvity and also assigns late start/late finish based on the no of days that activity could have been delayed or advanced based on the current update. 

Simply put - dont try to change the early or late dates of any activity after assigning actuals to the activity.