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Tracking of Predecessors for change of Remaining Early Start date

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kim jong beom
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Dear Planners


If one of predecessors is not completed (out of sequence progress) using retained logic, start of successor activity is delayed until all of predecessors are completed. (Remaining early start date is delayed)

It is required to track what activities are not completed. In case of complex project with thousands of activties and lots of relationships, it is very difficult to find which predecessors are not completed.

Is there any solution to find un-completed activities in predecessors easily ?

Simple Filtering of activities are not useful becasue there are so many activities, I just want to filter certain activities linked.

Thank you in advance


Zoltan Palffy
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if you filter for longest path AND critical path you shoudl be able to get waht you are looking for 

also when you schedule check the log file this wil tell you where you have out of sequence progress