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Remaining Late Units is showing before Data Date & after completion of the Project...why ?

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Irfan Khan
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Dear all, I am preparing my Recovery Schedule now & one of my consultant asked me to prepare a mean curve i.e. 60% from Early Unit & 40% Late Units. In this regard my Data Date of the Schedule is 12-Sep-2014 & when i am looking @ my Remaining Late Unit its shows units distributed in the month of July & August 2014, furthermore my completion of the project is 30-June-2015 even though the units are showing in the month of July 2015 as well. I have checked that non of the activity having negative float  & i have applied the constraint on my Milestones but the units are still showing beyond the limit. any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. thanks       wysiwyg_imageupload::



Zoltan Palffy
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in the resource tab at the bottom rigth clcic and select customize resource columns and look under durations and add that column

also go to the Projects directory and under resources make sure that  Drive activity date by default is checked

Warren Sika
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Where to find the resource lag column? I don't find it.

Warren Sika
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I have similar issue and even doing the above remedy, it's still showing the late units before the data date.

DefaultDrive activity Dates by Default = done

any other way to solve it?

Shady Mikhail
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Hi Kali,

This issue while seems like a nasty bug, it’s actually not and sometimes you can see it a very helpful tool.

Please check the resource lag as well as the resource remaining duration columns.

These two parameters are not visible by default and while they should read their values from the corresponding activity data, sometimes and for some reasons they get disconnected and have their values differently, when that happens, what you have described is what exactly happens: you will find the remaining activities scheduled as shown on the screen but the resource remaining duration ends somewhere else.

All what you need to do is to show the two resource fields I mentioned up and adjust their values to be equal to the activity data.

Let me know how did it go or if you need any further help.

Have fun!


David Kelly
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The comments from Dieter from 11 years ago (where is Dieter? he was real good) are the usual reason so:


No negative float on any activity - not just the whole project

Drive Activity Dates by default ticked at the project level


If these are BOTH true.... there is something odd going on.

kali nath
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Hi all,

I am facing similar issue in my recovery program as well. 9 of my activitie's resources are distributed after actual finish dates and cumulative budgeted units showing completed after project finish date.

if you had found solution, please help me on this as well.

many thanks,


Zoltan Palffy
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look to see if there is a  level of effort task with resources assigned

jeff lo
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Dear Zoltan,

Sorry for picking up this thread again. it seems there are some negative float occured in this case(units of July/Aug 2014) and a hard constraint in July 2015. i think these two points are are conflicted with each other. the essence of negative float is the last date of the CPM is beyond the limit of the hard constraint. but in this case it seems the hard constraint is located after the CPM. so i have some confusion.


Jeff Lo


Zoltan Palffy
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I know that you said you have set milestone constraints but have you set the project must finish by date? If so it will use this date regarlesss of any interium milestone costraint dates. Go to the Projects tab and check this date I bet it is sometime in July 

Dieter Wambach
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Hi Irfan

There is a, nasty, parameter setting "Drive activity Dates by Default" which can be set per project for all new activities and for any assignment. If unmarked, resource assignments can and will be different from the time for the activity.

Open the vie "Assignment", add this column, check your activities, and finish those assignments.

Good luck!