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I am coming back

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Mike Testro
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Some of the old hands will remember me as the lead poster and mentor om PP about 8 years ago.

I left this site to join LinkedIn but have now cancelled my membership because it has morfed into a peurile version of Facebook.

I have suggested that circa 14k of my contacts and followers in LinkedIn join me here.

I will now continue to take an active part in the PP content.

Best regards Mike T.


Anoon Iimos
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Mike, Wherever, whenever, who you are is an eternal legacy...remember, Jesus Christ was crucified; John the Baptist was beheaded but were never forgotten...
Ray Wood
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I saw Mike's post on Linked in - it caused me to return and have a rummage


Zoltan Palffy
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welcome back your vast knowledge and background will certainly benefit EVERYONE here. 

Thanks for coming back and I do have to agree with you about linkedin.