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Hey people! How's everything going?

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Carlos Arana
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Carlos Arana here.

I was just browsing old posts from when I started planning. I do not work construction project controls anymore, but man this forum was so fun and fullfiling.

I miss the old discussing how SS and FF were useless. I see the yellow construction worker is till there in the corner, jumping on his concrete breaker. Do you remember how big deal it was to keep this guy when Planning Planet renewed its image?

Is still everyone around here? Vladimir, Rafael, Mike Testro? Do you still fight a lot around project scheduling?

Saludos cordiales!



Rafael Davila
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Good to know you are ok.  As always I enjoy Planning Planet discussions. 

I still find no match to PP even when as Mike says PP has changed since you left.  In my opinion not all these changes are good, I have a particular dislike for the Guild of Projects Control.

Saludos Cordiales,


Mike Testro
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Hi Carlos Nice to hear from you. PP has changed since you left - there is not so much fun stuff these days. I may quit when I reach 5,000 posts Best regards Mike T.

Hello Carlos,

Welcome back to the land of never ending discussion, ha ha.

Best Regards, the PP Administration Team