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strategy - How to make your employees more productive

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Shahul Badhusha
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Hi to all

Check this productive techniques


Matt John
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The findings of this report are nothing new. For years the work productivity experts have said that taking short breaks during the day, perhaps as often as every hour for about 10 minutes, helps workers focus and be more productiv.

Surfing is just one option. However, it would probably be more beneficial to step away from the computer, take a short walk, stretch-the-bones, get a drink of water (because dehydration is also a cause of lower productivity), or even (I know, this is a pretty wild idea) talk with a coworker...face to face.

I would argue that there is a big difference between surfing to find work-related information and watching videos on YouTube. If you want to check your personal e-mail and watch videos, do that on your own time. Even though you are taking a break from work, you should be engaged in activities that add value to your employer since they are still paying you.

Matt John
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