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Would you help the development of Project Management research?

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Heitor Santos
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I am conducting a master thesis research to understand the influences of stakeholders on strategic responses considering the level of complexity in global projects. For this I am collecting answers from a questionnaire that addresses these topics. Due to the complexity of the interactions of the topics covered and also the global scope the questionnaire is in English and also requires a large number of respondents. Therefore, I ask for your cooperation in, if possible, not only responding but communicating to others who can do so. The link to access the questionnaire is

Beforehand, I am very grateful for the support and I inform that all the data collected will be analyzed and disseminated in aggregate form and that I commit myself to send the results to all those who so wish. For such and other questions my email is at the end of this message.


Heitor Santos Jr.


Chris Bragg
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Hello Heitor,

I tried to do the survey but when I tried to go back to review previous page and then go forward again the tool crashed and does not let me get back again. Sorry.