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It Ain’t what you sing its the way that you sing it.

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Mike Testro
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Hi all

Funny how some singers create different words to those on the song sheet.

The oldest and most quoted is the Big Horse song which goes something like - and you have to sing these words - "Big Horse your mine ..."

Then there is the Flaming Ears song - " Ooooh Ooooh My ears-are-alight"

What about the talking crustacean song "I can see clearly now the rain has gone. I can hear all Lobster Calls in my way"

And the Golden Oldie is the song about a teacher who took the whole school on a field trip to a nature reserve when she noticed that a crocodile had escaped from its pen and was coming for the kids. She ran to protect them but her shoe broke and she cried out.
"You took a fine time to leave me loose heel - with four hundred children and a croc in the field"

Go for it - you must know more and better.

Best regards

Mike T.