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Things you hear or read that seem too Familiar

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Andrew Dick
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I thought I’d see if we can all add things in this thread related to our daily lives that mean different things to different people.

For Instance;
In the Primavera Category there is a thread entitled, "Completion Date Still A Mystery"

Now isn’t that funny, thats almost the same answer I get from my engineering manager when I ask him when he will have his next design package ready for the procurement team, and the same answer I get from the expiditer when I ask them when the fabrication facility will have the next item required on site finished and delivered.

See how the one thing can be used time and time again.



Mike Testro
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Hi Andrew.

How about - "It will be finished when the work is done"

Or - "Tell me what I have to do and I will get on with it"

Or - "What do you mean - it’s not what you wanted"

Or - "Its not quite what I was looking for - its close but draw me another picture and then I will tell you if I like it"

Or - etc etc

Best regards

Mike T.