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Assign other progam as a baseline -Synchro

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abusen suliman
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 Hi there,

 have 2.sp files and both has been  exported form P6. one is baseline(No progress) and other is updated .
how can I assign the baseline over the updated one ?

Thank you


Renzo Constenla B...
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Dear colleague:


proceed as MR. PT Thomas described.

Just take care that each activity in one file match with the right activity in the other file, through the Act ID.

This is the only way for P6 to joint the current activity with its baseline.


PT Thomas
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1. Import Both Files to Primavera 

2. Create baseline for the baseline program  

3. After restore baseline and it will be restored to Program Menu as baseline-1

4. Then Open the program which you want to assign the baseline

5.Go to maintain baseline -> add -> Select convert another project to a new baseline to the current project and select baseline-1 form project menu

6. Go to assign baseline and assign newly added baseline to the project