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why my Baseline & Actual units showing different after assigning the current project as a baseline ?

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Irfan Khan
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dear all,

i encountered with the problem which seems something unrealistic : means u update my schedule & than i made a copy the current schedule as a my baseline.

here when i am looking @ my units its showing different for past month. whereas it should be the same asplanned.

please check the attachment for reference.

thanks…... wysiwyg_imageupload::



Gary Whitehead
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...or just correct your Primavera settings so it doesn't look at planned dates.

Ravi Katare
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Run GC to replace Planned start & finsh with start & finsh.

- Ravi

Charlie Daniels
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HI Irfan,


Not sure that this will help, I had a similar problem recently.

If I looked on the Gantt Chart the Baseline Bar didn't line up with the current bar.

The dates were not lining up either. (I also created a new baseline using the current project)

I checked the following:

1. The correct Baseline was assigned

2. The correct Columns were being displayed (relevant to that baseline)

3. The correct baseline bars were selected on the Gantt Chart

After all these were confirmed and correct it still dodn't match.

I aligned the original duration with the remaining duration using global change, this seemed to have sorted the problem out.


I hope this can help with your issue?