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Look Ahead Schedule Presentation

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Henry Chiu
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Dear Planners,

I have encountered a problem in filtering the  Look Ahead schedules wherein some of the activities that is ongoing does not appear on the look ahead schedule. in principle this must be shown. Tried to look into the samples of the look ahead schedule in P6 but seems it is not working.

Any help please.




Rafael Davila
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What you are describing seems like project truncation, a functionality to my understanding not available in P6. Similar but not equal functionalities, one complement the other but are not a substitute of the other.

Activities in progress mean activities scheduled to happen on DD, can finish within the lookahead range or after.

When you are filtering for a lookahead you want to see the portion of the bars of these activities that occur before and or after the DD range. You want to know their past performance and future projection, different than when interested in truncation.

For a 14 days lookahead you need to filter for:

A) Activities in progress (starting before DD and finishing after DD)

........1. In progress (I believe it to be a predefined filter in P6 perhaps Activity % Complete is less than 100%), or

B) Activities starting within 2 weeks (does not matter when do finish); DD </= Start </= DD+14

........2. Start >/= DD, and 

........3. Start </= DD+14

Roger suggestion seems like will do it, he uses P6 and is following the functionality of the software.

I use Spider Project and use a filter to exclude [NOR] activities finishing before DD or activities starting after DD+14. This makes it easy to create a filter for any date range, an interactive filter available in some software but in this way you do not have to enter the dates every time, convenient to automate printing of report groups.

With truncation you isolate the duration, cost and resource usage outside the truncation range.

The following illustrates some of the differences between a range filter and truncation for Nov 14 to Nov 20 [ DD 11/07/2011  16:00]. Take a look not only at costs but also to remaining duration.


Best regards,


Roger Booth
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For lookahead schedules, I use the following filter


Where Early Start is less than or equals data date +2w (Change to what ever lookahead you wish)

and Activity % Complete is less than 100%


Hope that helps



AB Timo
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hi jilani,

what You have Mentioned here is not for two weeks look ahead because when you Look at your 2nd condition "Activity Status=in Progress".It will show all the activities that are in progress till the end of the project.



Jeelani amin
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I hope u all r fine by the will of Almighty.Here is the filter formula for 3 weeks lookahead.



                 Parameter                        Is                                 Value                                

        Remaining Early start           in the range of                        DD                  

            High Value  


0R    Activity Staus                      Equlas                                  IN Progress.

( if u want to show on going activities in progress)






Alex Alex
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Hi Ashik

A 15 day lookahead filter can be:

Where Early Start is Within Range of |  CD  | CD+15d
Or Late Start is Within Range of | CD | CD+15

Ashik GB
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Hello Planners,


Please help me out the filter formula for 3week or 2 week look ahead





Ron Beechey
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Above is what we use and it will give the work through tasks that start before the start date and then have a duration longe than the 3 weeks.   It is 2 filters

T0-T2 - Date Range:

    Where (Any of the following)   
      Where Finish is greater than DD-20H 
    And Start is less than or equals DD+508H 

Simply sets thedate range

T0-T2 - Core:

    Where (Any of the following)   
      Where Activity Status equals In Progress 
      Or Activity Status equals Not Started 
    And (Any of the following)   
      Where Activity Type equals Resource Dependent 
      Or Activity Type equals Task Dependent 
      Or Activity Type equals Finish Milestone 
      Or Activity Type equals Start Milestone 

Try this and you may want to adjust as needed


Shahul .
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Hi Henry Chiu


You can try out by using following condition (If you are looking for 3 Weeks Look Ahead layout)

All of the following

Start Within range of DD DD+3W

Activity % Complete less than 100%




Alex Alex
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Henry, i guess your filter conditions to identify ongoing activities are not correct. For example,  your condition "Where Early Start is within range  DD  DD+3W"  will exclude many activities which had an early start before the data date but presently ongoing.


Gary Whitehead
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Are you preserving early dates when resource levelling? If not, I don't see the need for both early and remaining ealry start in your filter?

An obvious thing to do would be to find one of the offending activities which is not being shown but should be, and investigate it's physical percent complete, early start, and remaining early start to see which condition it is failing on.

Marcus Love
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Hi Henry,

maybe try

Filter: All of the following

Activity Status is not equal to completed

remaining early start is less than  DD+xweeks

Henry Chiu
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Hi Shahul,


Following filter is my condition

Where Early Start is within range  DD  DD+3W

Physical % Complete is not equal to 100%

Remaining Early Start within range DD+0D  DD+3W

With All of the Following is the condition

After imposing this filter some activities with progress and is ongoing is not shown. Our client planner noticed my presentation as incomplete. After our planning meeting, I then study how to show the ongoing activities but failed.

If I will add another condition Activity Status in progress - activity is empty




Shahul .
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Hi Henry Chiu

Have a look at  filter condition you defined for look ahead layout.May i know the condition you defined ?