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How to obtain a 4 Weeks Look-Ahead schedule in P6

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Raul Santos
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The data date of the current schedule is February 1st, what filter do you use in order to get a 4 Weeks Look-Ahead schedule?


Kathy Castle
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I have been using four week look ahead schedules for a long time in my construction and energy industry projects to recognize what work will to be done in the next four weeks. You should define two parameters in the filter window which are activity start dates and activity status. You can read this article to create your four week look a head filter quickly. 

Hilal Hallani
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Hello Raul,

There should be a default filter for this 4week look ahead. But if there isnt, details on how to add a filter is below:

1. click on filter

2. click on add or modify

3. you should see a window with 5 columns

Column 1 - Display all rows = put "where"

Column 2 - Parameter = "Start"

Column 3 - Is = "is within range of"

Column 4 - Value = "DD"

Column 5 - High Value = "DD+4W"

4. Then you need to add another filter within that same filter (this will give you activities in progress).

5. the answers to add for the 5 columns are below:

Column 1 = Or

Column 2 = Activity Status

Column 3 = Equals

Column 4 = In Progress

Column 5 = leave this column blank

Hope this helps


Hilal Hallani