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How to create a 2wk look ahead schedule in P6

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L P6
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Hi all,

I am still finding my way around P6 and would like to know if anyone can giuve me a step by step outline of how to create a a 2wk look ahead filter. I am familair with creating filters but have never done one for a look ahead.My two main questions are:

  1. Do I use the "Earliest start date"  and "Latest finish dates" instead of "Start" and "Fininsh"?
  2. I aslo want to include all work that is still in progress during the lookahead period regardless of when it starts or will finsh. Is this good practice to include this criteria as part of a look ahead schedule and if yes, how would I do that in combination with the dates filter in question 1 above?

Thanking you in advance,



Zoltan Palffy
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Shakeel that will not work 

Shakeel Ahmed
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we have to take take for Two week look ahead 

Condition 1)

....physical% compl  > 0%

--OR --- 

.....physical% compl < 100%


Start ... within range of ...   DD+2W

if you take in progress.... it will not catch some activities..

Zoltan Palffy
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run a filter

Select ANY of he following 

Where      Parameter       Is                         Low Vaule             High Vlaue

                Start        is within range of         DD                         DD+2W

OR          Activity staus   equals                   In Progress

that will get you what you want., since this is using the DD and the DD+2W for plus 2 weeks you do not have to change this everytime. 

Michael Lepage
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There is a detail tutorial on building lookahead filters in oracle primavera p6 here.



Salman Roshandel
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I suggest you include activities finishing in the look ahead period as well.

Also, instead of "in progress", I use 0%<Physical % Completion<100% as I find it more accurate in my project which is a bit messy!

L P6
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Thanks for commenting. You may realise that I  had posted this question twice( by mistake) and i had answered the other response before seeing your reply.


Anyways, for this particular project I don't think it would be wise to use the baseline dates as there have been many changes made and activites added to the schedule .yet I understand that the managment does not yet want to rebaseline the schedule.


2) This evening, I have done some mre digging and I came accross that clause to capture the in progress actvities. Seeing you recommend it has increased my confidence taht is is the rigth way to go. Thansk for the advise.



kumar s
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IF You use the earliest start and finish dates(from the curent progressed project rather than the baseline project) then you will not follow the baseline schedule.

it means there will be changes in the start and finish dates of acitivities since they are in this case if you use the look ahead option then ther will be so many actitivites which will appear which you have not scheduled during this time period.

so it is always better to stick to the baseline schedule dates for the look ahead options. this is what i feel and how i have worked for all my projects.

Guys please let me know if there is any thing wrong in my approach ..


2) question

yes you can include the progressed activities which you have not scheduled but was done and you want to show it in your look ahead schedule.because many times there are so many activities which will be done before it is planned and if you do not show these activities then there will be confusion among the execution team .


the filter for this is



start   -  within the range of   DD      &   DD+2W

OR    Activity staus   Equals   In Progress

then you will get all the activities which are scheduled for this period and also the activities which are in progres s


hope this clears your doubt