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How to keep activity dates after levelling resource

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Ahmet Ahmetoglu
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Joined: 3 Feb 2009
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Hi everyone

I have a problem with preserving dates after leveling. For example i have totally seven activity; six of them linked FS  and other one is not have any successor or predecessor. Thats why two activity start with project start. 

After applying the levelling, the activity which has no successor and predecessor  comes after the other six activities. Problem  starts here, when schedule the proggramme everything is gone back. Two activity start with project start or data date again.

How i save activity dates after levelling?  It could be assign constraint or add a relation manually in order to checking dates with ms excel.

Primavera has a function to keep dates or another suggestion u know?






Ahmet Ahmetoglu
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Joined: 3 Feb 2009
Posts: 13
Groups: GPC Qatar, TILOS

Thank u Alexandre and Rafael for your consideration.

 I have a levelled baseline but  need to update activity relations later times of the project. Actually i m looking for the options  for optimum resource planning and using float dates efficiently.  I think its gonna be big mistake to hoping primavera software to assign constraint or create relations between the activities. 

Take advance

Rafael Davila
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It is up to you to use unleveled schedule or leveled schedule for your day to day planning, although to me only leveled schedules make sense.

If you re-schedule a job after resource leveling you will bring it back to unlimited resources scheduling status. If you want to compare unleveled schedule with leveled schedule just keep a baseline of the reference job, either leveled or unleveled. I would use leveled schedule as my planning or current schedule and the unleveled schedule as a reference baseline. In this way, you will be able to display dates for current leveled schedule and baseline unleveled schedule as well.

Then you would be able to compare one to the other and make resource allocation decisions, this I believe is what you are looking for.

I suggest creating a formula to compute and display Resource Leveling Delay Days, a simple but useful metrics for this purposes.