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Why does Progress % does not apper while summarizing

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Haresh Jayanth
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Why does, while we are summarizing the project with wbs level , any progress % (for eg activity % complete column), does not show any % at WBS level , even when we add resource & cost for all activities.

The summarized % column is blank....

Can anyone explain......


Rodel Marasigan
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There are only two fields that would not summarize total in summary band, Physical % complete and Activity % Complete which is represented by Performance % Complete.
There are 3 types of % complete type, Duration, Unit and Physical. Duration is base on duration (Yr, Mth, Wk, Day or Hr), Units is labor, non-labor and material and Physical = Physical.
All three of them are represented by Activity % complete and Performance % complete (which ever is set on % complete type) therefore if total is required in summary band Performance % Complete should be used and if not then Activity % Complete is the appropriate to use.

To show the total in Summary Band, under Group & Sort -> Display Option tick Show Group Total.