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Deliverables during planning & schedule development

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Miguel Rios
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What deliverables (documents) should a good planning and scheduling DEVELOPMENT phase have? (those that are under the responsibility of the Planeer & Scheduler)


- Schedule Baseline (Bar Chart)
- Critical Path Report (Bar Chart)
- Network Logic Diagram
- S-Curve (man-hours & cost)
- Manpower Report (Histogram)

What else? Or maybe my deliverables are not correct. Please provide your opinions. Thank you.


Rafael Davila
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For Miguel these reports might be deliverables with a contractual implication. He might contract his scheduler based on deliverables and not on an hourly basis. These reports upon delivery will be payable upon an agreed fee.

In the engineering and design world documents are the deliverables.

Best regards,
It depends on the definition.
You can call any report as deliverable.

If the project model was properly developed then it can provide a lot of reports. When we plan our own work, we plan the time when the project model will be ready. We do not plan when and what report will be published. The set of project reports is usually predefined.

Best Regards,
Shah. HB
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Proper documentation of above said reports and monitoring the planned network and forecasting wont be the deliverable?
Rafael Davila
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Miguel Rios,

Among all reports at this stage one of the most important report will be the report that provides you with the network logic.

For a job in the hundreds of activities and above the Network Logic Diagram might be too big to be of any practical use. For schedules with hundreds of activities the main use of the network logic diagrams is to trace logic.

You will need a report on predecessors/successors, type of links and lag and whether if driving or not.

You should also look for resource critical path if your schedule is or might be driven by availability of resources at any time during the execution of the job.

You should also ask for resurce usage histograms, this will simplify the verification on resource leveling and usage.

Finally ask for a copy of the computer files.

Best regards,
Project Planner shall create project computer model that calculates all necessary data and produces all necessary reports.

These reports may include:
Activity Bar Chart,
Resource Bar Chart,
S-curves for costs and materials,
Work plans for the future day (week, month - depends on the project), etc.

These are not deliverables but reports from the created Project model. And these reports shall cover everything that is necessary for project management.

Best Regards,
Anoon Iimos
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For me, the planner has no deliverable, the prime duty is to organize and define (in terms of time) the deliverables of others (i.e. for engineering).