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duration for civil engieering design

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Tom Hadley
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I am trying to find some data on durations for Civil/Structural engineeering design and drawing production. Any one help ?

The sort of thing I am looking for is manhours per drawing , how to calcualte engineeering time etc




Tom Hadley
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Terima kasih I appreciate your help

Adjie Heryanto
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The list could be very long Tom,

But Basically,
The hrs required will be vary depend on the level of Engineering Stage (Preliminary Study, FEED, EPCI Detail Design, etc)
For Drawing also there’s one additional factor, whether the Project use advance 3D Modelling Software (PDS, PDMS etc) or only produce drawings on 2D basis.

But from my experience, one standard jacket (which basically only consists of structural steel) may expend about 25-40 mhrs, during Engineering detail design stage and by using generic drawing production methods (no 3D modelling in advance). That hours comprise of 10-15 % Engineer hrs, 20-30 %Lead/Senior Designer (ie : checker) hrs, and the rest are for the designer/draughtsman.

Note that we will required additional hrs for more specific/detail drawing (ie : topsides, major equipment, etc)

Adjie Heryanto - Jakarta, Indonesia
Luca Basile
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Try to ask to the engineering company.
Or if You are workign in an engineering company call a meeting to discuss the document register and the weight (manhrs)for each deliverables (drawing, calculation report, etc ...).

It is the best way
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Have you submit a search in "Prod-Rates"? However, production rate on engineering deisgn, too hard.