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Years of Experience

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Mike Testro
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Hi All

If someone says they have 20 years experience it may mean that they have 1 year experience repeated 20 times.

How to tell?

Best regards

Mike Testro


Akhtar Khan
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Scarllet Pimpernel
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I always hear the phrase: twenty so and so experienced.

I heard my dad used to tell: 20 years of wrong experience.

Well it could be possible because my dad was a government employee, so after more than 20 years, he concluded, it was really twenty years of wrong experience.

This is very near to Carmen elucidation on what the meaning of: 1 year of experience repeated for 20 years.

This goes back to my previous post regarding life coach, career plans. The career goal must be to gain the best ever experience in our chosen field of expertise in such a way that when you look back and sing the song:

"Yes, I did it my way".

On a specific level of a young planning engineer who wanted to become Project Control Manager 20 years hence, what does this post means.
The answer is: start charting you career goals, prepare a road map to reach for your goal the way planning engineers do.

Ashb .
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One could mention years of experiance in specific field .It indicates the years of experiance from sound grounding to as of now

Carmen Arape
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Dear All,

20 years experience = 1 year repeated 20 times (it might be possible for bureaucrats).

More important than quantity is quality. What type of experience ??

Based on my experience, I can define my experience in two categories:

A.- Experience contributing to development: include permanent learning, creativity and challenge. Normally you get this experience with team highly competitive.

B. Experience contributing to underdevelopment or mediocrity: does not include learning and rejects creativity and challenge. Include repetition of work method and processes.

Looking backwards, I am fortunate to have 70% of type A and 30% of type B (rough estimate).

Any planner with different categories for experience.

Samer Zawaydeh
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Hi Mike,

It is like the difference between Projects and Operations. In projects, you can work in Construction for example, and finish project after project, different sizes and different areas and manybe different countries.

In operations, like manufacturing, you might be respnsible for example, about producing a car for 30 years. You can have many makes and models and different customers and orders.

In my understanding, it is the amount of time you spend doing the thing you select to do.

With kind regards,

Ronald Romero
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Hi Mike,

He means that he spend 20 years in that kind of job and related field. For me I count my experience from the time I graduated and pass my Civil Engineering Board even if I have other educational qualification not as civil enginee and I don’t count going to school as part of experience but part of the training process. See his resume if he doing the same job for the past 20 years but probably not. Repetition of task year in and year out must be boring. He mus have gained "experience " and wisdom after 20 years and have a managerial position or bigger task to make.