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Any planning & scheduling certifications for people with 1 year of work experience?

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Zarak Bin Nadeem
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Hey there, I graduated as a civil engineer last year and now have 1 year of work experience. I want to further pursue my passion in planning and scheduling and was wondering if there are any certification I am eligible for?


Zarak Bin Nadeem
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thank you all :)

Tom Boyle
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Think about AACE International's CST credential:  Certified Scheduling Technician (CST).  "A CST is an individual who has demonstrated proficiency in the general skills and knowledge of the scheduling process within the AACE International Total Cost Management (TCM) framework. Generally, CST represents early-career professionals who are working to gain the requisite years of experience, to become a certified Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) or more experienced mid- to late-career professionals who wish to be recognized for their planning and scheduling skills."
Zoltan Palffy
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you can apply for the apprentice here

Santosh Bhat
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You could consider the APM certification titled "Project Planning & Control" Foundation: