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A gentle fun-poke

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Nigel Winkley
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Allegedly a true story told to be by "one who was there"
First to set the scene...
The Dorchester Hotel is one of the best in London, the staff wear the Morning Coat style - long jacket, waistcoat, striped trousers etc. It is rather posh.

One day a Yank (this is the cartoon version of an American, Bermudan shorts, Haiwaiian shirt, sandals AND socks, you know the thing) was checking in.
The receptionist said, "I will call one of the staff to take your bags up in the lift, Sir".
"Lift?!", replied the American. "Lift? Do you mean ELEVATOR?"
"Yes, Sir", replied the receptionsist, "but in this country we call them lifts".
"*** they are elevators, we invented the *** things!"
The receptionist replied, straight faced, "Yes sir, and WE invented the language"

As I said, allegedly a true story, but I can just picture it...
(No offence intended to anyone by this gentle fun-poke)
(Moderator please remove if you find it offensive)


Mike Testro
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Hi Nigel

No worries - I am sure there will be a similar response.

Have you heard about the French Army Knife?

It has a telescopic attachment with a white flag.

Best regards

Mike T.