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% Doubt

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Shah. HB
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Hi to all

I saw a report ,in the target date box which is highlighted in the first page,in that they mentioned details as shown

1. Total duration of the project [assume=480 days]
2. Days Elapsed [assume=680 days]
3. % of Elapsed Period [141.67%]

The way of representing 141.675% is correct?> since in mentioning numbers in percentage i thrust it shouldn’t be greater than 100


Shah. HB
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Thanks to all
R. Catalan
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Though calculation is correct the way % is presented is misleading.

I agree with Samer, but maybe you define more by showing
a) % submitted
b) % approved

Best regards,

R. Catalan
Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Shahul,

This is a very rough way to present the information. You need to have several additional block to fill in order to determine which side is delaying the works.

1. % of Material submittals completed
2. % of Shop drawings completed
3. # of RFIs sent
4. # of Confirmation of Verbal instructions
5. % invoices
6. % of invoicing under progress
7. # of approved variation orders and value
8. # of pending varaiation orders and value
9. # of design changes
10. % Long lead items arrived at site

It is better to review the type of project and determine the best criteria to monitor it. After all, you need to use the information you present in order to take the right decisions.

With kind regards,

Anoon Iimos
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the calculation is correct, it will only depend on how you’ll interpret the figure