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Project Management Principles

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I am trying to put together a presentation to our senior management on project management. One of the slides should contain the 10 Golden Rules of Project Management. This could include basic things like always assign an owner to projects and subprojects.

Does anyone have other good PM principles I could include?




Mike Harvey
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Dear Peter

Golden Rules a Project Manager should be aware of:
1)Project Start Up
3)Information Management
4)Health & Safety Management
5)Quality Management
6)Design Management
8)Planning & Progress Control
9)Risk Management
10)Value Management/Value Engineering
11)Construction & Site Control
12)Project Close out

Each section is covered by a composition which formulates as a procedures manual.

The Project Manger does not have to memorise each section word for word, however, he needs an appreciation of the importance of each section.

Best Wishes

Mike Harvey
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These are some the topics I have used

Establish a Work Breakdown Structure
Agree baseline estimates
Agree KPI’s Key Performance Indicators
Standardise forecasting methods
Agree contingency
Develop variance formulaes
ie Schedule variance
Cost variance
Agree measurables to be used - no of drawings
% complete
no of welds


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Mark Lomas
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... if only it were that simple.

Hey, I sympathise, senior management want a digestable form. You have to give it. The first chapter of the Project Manager’s Portable Handbook (Cleland & Ireland - published by McGraw Hill) gives some bullet points you could use including "Benefits for senior managers".

Good luck