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Can't get P6 to assign Baseline dates

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John Kelly
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Hi folks,

I searched the forums for an answer to this and couldn't find anything hence the new post.

I have multiple programmes, A baseline and monthly updates. 

I have assigned the monthly update of March as a baseline to the April update, (reason being i want to show alippage against previous month rather than against baseline)

I have added the baseline as usual using the 'maintain' function then assigned as Primary baseline, problem is though that the planned dates (BL1) aren't showing as the dates that i can see when i look at the March programme, i think its taking the dates from the original Baseline somehow.


Anybody any ideas?


Thanks in advance


Zoltan Palffy
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what columns are you displaying ?

zahid shaikh
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After maintain baseline did you do assign baseline?

Gary Whitehead
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A common issue, which Paul Harris has addressed very well is this presentation:





Raymund de Laza
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Open March Program and perform Global change by equating Planned Dates = Start and Finish dates then assign as baseline to April. This will give you what you requires.

Hope this will help.