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Copying a Project from one EPS to another.

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Brent Gaspard
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Joined: 18 Jan 2012
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I have a project with 19,000 activities. When I copy this Project from one EPS Node to another, only some of the activities & only some of the activity codes copy over. I have tried the regular copy & paste at the Project Level, I have Exported it & the Imported it back in, I have copied it at a WBS Level. None of these have worked. What am I doing wrong?


Anning Sofi
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Importing only the codes would not solve  Brents problem because his issue is not only codes missing but also some activities are not copied.

I can guess Brent, that when you were exporting and importing the files, if you happen to click on the mouse or work on other applications during the process, P6 will tend to "freeze or hang". After some time, you see the message, import successful, but after checking the import file, some files and relationships or codes are missing. These can happen to your project which has 19000 activities, cause we experience the same issue in our project of almost similar size of activities.

Our solution was to export/ import and leave it until P6 completes the process.


Kashif Khan
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Please check the filter, becuase sometimes auto filter starts in P6 when ever you copy n paste or alter the WBS of project.

Raymund de Laza
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I had experienced the same problem.

What I did was to export the activity codes of the original project then import it in the new project and it works.

Hope this wil help.

Anning Sofi
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There is a limitation on how much data P6 can copy from one whole project to a new copy. Obviously, with 19,0000 activities,with an estimate of 40,000 relationships and cost loading/resource load, the file size would be around 35+MB.

I am sure to reduce clipboard memory size in the file, you may have tried to copy data by opening two files (the file to be copied, and the new file copy) at the same time, copied by WBS or code group and l lose some of the relationships or other data.

Even if you increase your hardware RAM to 4MB, you will still face the same copy issues.

The better option you have  available is to export the file, and reimport it; although it will take around 30-40 minutes to complete the process.