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How "Performance % Complete" is calculated in P6

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Raja Shukla
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How "Performance % Complete" is computed in P6? What is the basis / formula?


Thanks in advance.




Zoltan Palffy
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The Performance % complete is used to compute earned value and may be based on the Activity% Complete, on the 0/100 rule, on the 50/50 rule which depends on the technique for computing earned-value percent complete for the activity's WBS. The Performance % Complete specifies what percentage of, the activities planned worth has been earned so far.

Having something quantifiable and measurable is always the best way to measure progress that could be manhours or commodities such as LF of conduit ect.

Performance Percent Complete for the activity is based on Units Percent Complete. Activities without a Resource curve assigned to one or more of the Resource Assignments will use the Activity percent complete

Thabo Letlhake
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Hi All

Does anyone know what causes Performance % complete to increase even when there is no progress on the activity, and which setting to alter.


Amit Parmar (PMP)
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Hi Raja,

To know how Performance Percent Complete is Calculated , check out this link at PrimaveraBlog



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Gary Whitehead
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It depends on what technique you select from the admin preferences. Below description of each technique is copied direct from P6 help:



Technique for computing performance percent complete

Activity % Complete: Choose to calculate earned value according to current activity completion percentages.

Use WBS Milestones: Choose to calculate earned value by defining milestones at the WBS level and assigning a level of significance or weight to each of them. As progress occurs and you mark each milestone complete, the WBS element’s performance percent complete is calculated based on the weight of the milestone.

0/100 % Complete: Choose to calculate earned value as 100 percent only after the activity ends.

50/50 % Complete: Choose to calculate earned value as 50 percent after the activity starts and until the activity ends. After the activity ends, the activity's earned value is 100 percent.

Custom % Complete: Choose to calculate earned value as a percentage you specify. This percentage applies after the activity starts and until the activity ends. After the activity ends, the activity's earned value is 100 percent.